Living History

Living History

I am in a revolutionary war reenacting group that shows people how colonists lived in the late 1700s. I have been a part in this operation for 4 years, I played the part of a politician in the Second Continental Congress, to a poor woodworker, to a serious Sergeant serving under General George Washington.  The last event that was held was set as the Battle of Saratoga, New York 1777. I was a rifleman in the 3rd Virginia Regiment. The American Militia won the battle shortly after they disabled the British cannons. But enough of the battle, more about the event. You will find almost any question answered whether it’s about making a bench from scratch, or about families and relationships back then. If you are interested in wood shop, surgery, or just eating food, Living History is the place for you and your family to visit! Learn more about us at our website:




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