Creature Feature: Raccoon!

Raccoon 2

Raccoons might be cute and cuddly looking with their striking black and grey features, but to some people they can be quite a nuisance, especially homesteaders because they are omnivores. This means they eat meats, fruits, and veggies. Homesteaders who have both farms and livestock can have troubles with raccoons as they can ruin crops and even eat small animals, such as chickens.

City dwellers are also susceptible to the effects of raccoons because they will eat pretty much anything, even trash. They often are found in garbage cans in cities, which can cause quite a mess. Raccoons can also get into small areas of homes, such as attics, and ruin things. They can rip insulation off of walls, pipes, and AC units to make their nests with. They have also been known to chew wires, causing fire hazards. To prevent this damage, there are numerous repellents that can be made at home, or bought at a store. Here are a couple repellents to check out if you need them:
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