Share Fair: Potpourri Category

Every January we kick off the new semester with the Share Fair. It’s like a Science Fair, but for ALL the things. Focusing on a variety of categories each week, students create projects and submit them for judging. Each category has its own rules and regulations. In addition to the wonderful judges, everyone gets to cast their vote for their favorite entry and we call it the People’s Choice. Week 1 focused on the following Potpourri Categories:

Lego, K’nex, Model & Tinkertoy Building

Each project in this category was evaluated based on difficulty level, originality, creativity, and construction.

This week’s winners for the Building category were:

Primary  Level (PreK-3rd grade)

1st place – Charlie B for his “Lego Scene” entry
2nd place – Phin B for his “Lego Scene” entry

Secondary Level (4th-8th grade)

1st place – Josh G for his “Arctic Animal Adventures” entry
2nd place – Josh G for his “Saving the Green Ninja” entry
3rd place – Josh G for his “Spaceship” entry


Duct Tape, Foam, and Craft Materials

The entries in this category were evaluated on originality, creativity, best use of materials, and the rules of presentation.

This week’s winners in the Materials category were:

Primary Level (PreK – 3rd grade)

1st place – Fiora B for her “fuse bead art” entry
2nd place – Charlie B for his “fuse bead art” entry

Secondary Level (4th-8th grade)

1st place – Memory S for her “Castle” entry

And the People’s Choice…Josh G for his “Arctic Animal Adventures”

Congratulations to all of the winners!


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