Creature Feature: Sea Otters!


Sea otters are small marine mammals that live in the Pacific Ocean in North America and Asia. While they are one of the smallest marine animals they are the largest member of the weasel family. Sea otters spend most of their time in the water but in some places they come to the shore to rest. This is not always the case. When a sea otter sleeps in the water they sleep floating on their backs. They also sleep holding hands with a fellow otter to keep from being separated! Sea otters are one of the only mammals that use tools. Sea otters carry a rock with them everywhere they go. They use this rock by placing it on their chests then smash their prey, clams, sea urchins, crabs, and the like, on it to open their outer shell. They are also the only marine mammal that can flip-over boulders on the ocean floor looking for food. One more thing that’s special to them is their fur. Sea otters have the densest fur of any animal. This is to keep them warm as they don’t have blubber to keep them warm like other marine animals.

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