Creature Feature: Tapirs!


Tapirs (pronounced tapers) look like weird little pig, panda, anteater things. Their odd looks make them distinct and rememberable. There are five different species of tapir, the Malayan tapir, the mountain tapir, the Brazilian tapir, the little black tapir, and Baird’s tapir. The Malayan tapir is the biggest of these species with the mountain tapirs being the smallest. While the mountain tapirs are the smallest species, they are still 300-573 lbs. with the largest, the Malayan, being 550-704 lbs. Tapirs are herbivores so most of the species live in forests and grasslands where foliage is plentiful. Except for the mountain tapirs of course! These unique animals typically live to be from 25 to 30 years old. If you’d like to see a tapir with your own two eyes the Denver Zoo has Malayan tapirs that can be seen in their Toyota Elephant Passage area!


All Ma Ladies – March Playlist

March is the annual Womens Month! As women, we love to show pride for who we are as a females! Many artists have written songs about the power women have and how amazing we are. They share stories about what kind of pain a female can go through and still come out stronger in the end. Others write about how all of our individuality makes us beautiful. I’ll be sharing those songs with you in this month’s playlist!


All Ma Ladies Playlist: