February Playlist: Love Is In The Air

Ah, February. The month of love. People all around the world are giving hugs, kisses, chocolates, gifts, flowers, love notes and more to the people they adore. During the month of February, we not only have people who are happily in love, we have people who are going through a breakup and then those who are now happy being single. February isn’t just about romanic love, but it’s also about self-love. Love yourself no matter what!
The Hopeless Romantic Nights Playlist is for those love-birds who can share each other’s love through song.
The I Miss You, But I Have To Let You Go Playlist is one that those who are dealing with heartbreak, can relate to. 
I Miss You, But I Have To Let You Go Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMuAGLIYs1U5cylFbuAtZbTuh-psBqfgQ
Shout Out To My Ex Playlist is the playlist for all those happy single people who are happy about them being single and who are glad to be done with their ex.

December Playlists – Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas Time is almost upon us! A time where a winter wonderland comes alive in our very own backyards. A time where hot cocoa and fireplaces become an everyday need. A time when we share with others how much we love them by giving gifts, but the most important reason for Christmas is this – the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

A Classic Christmas playlist is full of classic songs with new and old artists! Is good to have a variety, right? It’s perfect for when you’re setting up Christmas decorations and enjoying family time!



A Christmas Party playlist has all the jams for the Christmas party of the year! With new artists and even some of the classic singers of the past, it’s still perfect for when you want to have something playing for your Christmas party guests!



Kid’s Christmas Dream playlist is for the little ones to dance to! Alvin and the Chipmunks make a special appearance and Frosty the Snowman even sings his heart out!



November Playlist – Alternatively Falling For This (Music) & Soft Fall Feels

IMG_3768 (1)

With Alternative being a popular genre of music, and also great for parties and hanging out with close friends, this months playlist has that Alternative theme! From OneRepublic to BØRNS to 5 Seconds of Summer, and many more, Alternatively Falling For This (Music)playlist has all of the jams for the party nights with friends!

Alternatively Falling For This (Music) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMuAGLIYs1U5z2C7hy6OwBhwNuSm7NIBA

But this fall not only has sparked some energy in us, but also, has calmed our energy down to a soft feeling in soul. The rain also has been helping that feeling come alive as well and this fall weather makes it even more perfect! The Soft Fall Feels playlist has those chill and sweet mornings and afternoons taken care of for you. 

Soft Fall Feels Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMuAGLIYs1U6SsxH5r2R2w-i16UQ3BJ4I


I would love to hear from all my readers and listeners! Please email me at yoalanorchid@gmail.com for any comments, concerns, or questions about the playlists that I’ll be putting out here on The Scoop! If you have any song suggestions, feel free to send those as well!

October Playlist – Jazzy Times


Music is life. That is something that I personally believe. Music can build you up after a hard day, and it can express the emotions of the feelings you cannot describe in just 3 minutes or less. Honestly, where would we be, as humans, without music?

For this month’s music playlist, I was feeling a bit jazzy. Everything from Nat King Cole to Louis Armstrong to Benny Goodman to just jazz instrumental music. I also discovered that jazz music is not only fun to dance to, but is great and beneficial for studying! And that is great for the beginning of the new school year!

We are already having tests coming up to test your knowledge and you will want to be at your best! So in the links below (to my YouTube account), I have made some Jazzy Study Music playlists for all those studying students! There is even one for the little ones, to groove to, while their parents take a quick rest on the couch.

Little Ones Playlist:
I would love to hear from all my readers! Please email me at yoalanorchid@gmail.com for any comments, concerns, or questions about the playlists that I’ll be putting out here on The Scoop! If you have any song suggestions, feel free to send those as well!