Creature Feature: Polar Bears!


Polar bearPolar Bears!
Polar bears are built for the Arctic. Every trait they have is specifically engineered to live and thrive in the Arctic conditions. Polar bears, as everyone knows, are white, but that’s actually wrong! A polar bear’s fur is actually transparent and pigment-free! The reason they appear white is because each hair shaft is hollow which causes the light from the sun to reflect in such a way that they look white. The white helps them to blend into their environment so they can get closer to their prey, mainly seals, without being seen.

Since they live on ice they need to have traction to get around. Their paws have claws around two inches long and their pads have small little bumps which act as tread.

How do they stay warm? Their skin is black which attracts the sun and their fur is made up of thick underfur and guard hairs on top. They also have a layer of fat under their skin that is around four and a half inches thick. The last thing that keeps them warm is their ears and tail are small and close to their body to conserve as much heat as possible. God designed all of these things so that polar bears and live and thrive in the Arctic.


December Playlists – Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas Time is almost upon us! A time where a winter wonderland comes alive in our very own backyards. A time where hot cocoa and fireplaces become an everyday need. A time when we share with others how much we love them by giving gifts, but the most important reason for Christmas is this – the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

A Classic Christmas playlist is full of classic songs with new and old artists! Is good to have a variety, right? It’s perfect for when you’re setting up Christmas decorations and enjoying family time!


A Christmas Party playlist has all the jams for the Christmas party of the year! With new artists and even some of the classic singers of the past, it’s still perfect for when you want to have something playing for your Christmas party guests!


Kid’s Christmas Dream playlist is for the little ones to dance to! Alvin and the Chipmunks make a special appearance and Frosty the Snowman even sings his heart out!